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We have produced the highest mountain restaurant in Europe
We took part in the producing of the highest mountain restaurant in the Swiss Alps in 2013. Our client was a well-known ski resort in the Verbier commune. Engineers from the French company Domespace and a construction company from Romania worked with us on this international project. We were responsible for the production of the house kit.

The restaurant complex of 24 meters in diameter is located at an altitude of 3.2 km above sea level. The Swiss Ministry of Emergency Situations was involved in the transportation of oversized 15-meter beams as the project exists in extreme weather conditions. All materials for the restaurant complex were produced in Russia.
Verbier, Switzerland
600 sq.m.
Ø 24 m
All materials were produced in Russia
The object was built in 11 months
The largest dome in Russia
The Sadik-Sharik Children's Club is the first spherical kindergarten and the largest domed house in Russia. The total project area is 320 square meters, the diameter is 15 meters. Model Sfera 15.

The house was built in record time - 6 months.
The frame is made of LVL and plywood. The top of the house is covered with larch shingles. This project is ideologically different from other kindergartens and such a difference was emphasized by architectural methods. The founder of the kindergarten Alexandra Ivlieva believes that play should be the leading activity for preschool age children. Therefore, our main task was to create a free space where each piece of furniture awakens the child's desire to play.
Usovo, Russia
320 sq.m.
Ø 15 m
The house was built in record time - 6 months
The frame is made of LVL and plywood
We’ve implemented
50 mobile house complexes for the Arctic
We’ve developed mobile residential complexes for indigenous minorities of Far North by order of the government of Chukotka region. The design based on traditional Yaranga houses. The complexes are convenient for transportation, they are assembled in just 20-30 minutes. These include alternative energy sources: vertical wind turbines and solar panels. The communication provides with satellite phones.
Chukotka, Russia
Ø 6.5 m
Ø 8 m
50 sets have been implemented for now
Mobile house complexes withstand up to 50 degrees Celsius below zero


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